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Providing management and technical support  to businesses for over 18 years

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Pipeline Monitoring & Surveillance

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With over 18 years experience, O.M.E.S.S. provides critical services to business, government and the oil and gas sector.

Our focus is to support business growth by providing effective business management, communication and support services that create the right environment for organisations to thrive.

With over 100 successful portfolios, O.M.E.S.S. provides quality and on time services.


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Our Focus 

Strategic Communications

Oil & Gas Support Service

Tech Managed Services

Organisational Development





We provide the necessary environment to stimulate growth and protect your investments, while you focus on your business.

Strategic Communications

Developing, orchestrating and managing all internal and external communications to guarantee regional and global impact.  

Organisational Development

We assess and create the right processes, systems and structures to improve the overall effectiveness of  organisations.

Pipeline Monitoring & Surveillance.

Safety is of utmost importance to O.M.E.S.S., avoiding failures and downtime is our top priority in pipeline maintenance and surveillance management.

Pipeline Surveillance

  • Leak Detection Sensors
  • Security Cameras

It is crucial that Oil and Gas pipeline operators keep their pipelines safe at all times. O.M.E.S.S. provides technology that offers pipeline operators the required surveillance solutions.  We offer real-time security system solutions along the full extent of Oil and Gas pipelines.

Pipeline Maintenance

OMESS provides maintenance solutions for maximum efficiency:

  • Repair & Replacement
  • Pipeline Cleaning
  • Pipeline Condition Monitoring

In addition to its experienced personnel, O.M.E.S.S. has a fleet of modern equipment supported by smart technologies and systems to ensure cost efficiency and quality delivery that can react to the changeable environment in which we work.

Health Safety Security & Environment
  • Safety Equipment & Clothing Supplies
  • General Surveillance
  • Security Vessel leasing
  • Security Barrier Supplies
Technology Managed Services

O.M.E.S.S. provides a wide range of managed technical services, on and offshore:

  • Networking and Communication Infrastructure
  • Cyber Security Consulting
  • Cloud Computing Infrastructure
  • Backup and Recovery Services

Organisational Development  Consulting

Improve the overall effectiveness of your organisation.

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